Treadmills & Elliptical - Path To Fitness

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Lifestyles in today’s society are increasingly sedentary, lending greater emphasis to the importance of staying fit and healthy. Obesity is on the path to becoming an epidemic and heart problems are on the rise along with other health concerns. The need to maintain body weight and cardiovascular fitness is essential to a quality life, and it is greater than ever with our lifestyles becoming busier as well as more sedentary.

So how does one maintain their health and fitness with no time to engage in physical activities like swimming, hiking, sports or going to the gym? A healthy diet and nutrition plan is one answer but it doesn’t offer a complete solution to the problem. Exercise and physical activities are crucial to a healthy body, especially for those who have desk jobs and very little cause to move around during an average day. In such instances, an investment in a treadmill or an elliptical trainer can be particularly worthwhile.


Treadmills are exercise devices that allow people to walk, jog and run while staying in place to improve cardiovascular fitness, maintain or reduce body weight, and keep up general fitness. Treadmills incorporate a wide conveyor belt powered by an electric motor or a flywheel on a moving platform that determines, controls, and measures a person’s walking or running speed. Manual treadmills are also available, where the conveyor belt moves only if a person pushes it with their feet.

A treadmill’s most crucial advantage is its convenience. It can be placed in any room with enough space, ranging from bedrooms to offices, leading to two further advantages at least. Firstly, people save time if they do not have to travel to the gym or the jogging track and can just hop on the treadmill whenever they free up enough time. Secondly, once you’ve developed an exercise regimen on the treadmill, it wouldn’t be interrupted by weather conditions as jogs in the park or hikes are won’t to do.

Since treadmills can be used while watching the television, or even reading a book or magazine, it doesn’t get boring and leisure activities such as watching TV or reading do not have to be sedentary. Other advantages include a uniform pace, an incline when it might not be available in natural terrain and monitoring of progress in heart rates, calories burned and distance walked or run.

In addition to their cost and the space they take up inside homes, treadmills can get monotonous without a change of scenery that outdoor runners usually enjoy. Furthermore, treadmills do not offer any wind resistance or the challenges provided by a natural terrain when running outdoors which might contribute to an unnatural, upright gait. Running in such artificial conditions leads to adjustment problems if and when people return to outdoor jogs and runs as they are not acclimatized to natural conditions.

Elliptical trainers Ellipticalare exercise machines that are stationary and usually used indoors. They are categorized in three types according to motor location: rear-drive, front-drive and the most recent, center-drive. They are used to stimulate natural exercises such as walking, running and stair climbing while remaining in place and without having to go outdoors.

Elliptical trainers allow users to preset speed and resistance preferences for the exercise, working on low or high densities and with minimal impact to the joints making them ideal exercise machines for people who have sustained injuries. The advantages and disadvantages to an elliptical trainer are fundamentally similar to those of a treadmill, even in the amount of calories burned, and the physiological responses to both machines are practically identical.

Quality Types
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